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happiest moment and event
my last post stated I'll update about what happened but I dint because my 'schedule' is too full lol xD nvm, since it has already passed, let's forget about it? haha, hopefully I can. 

so let's talk about what happened today. I swear today is goin' to be one of my happiest 'moment' or 'event' in my school. today is Open Day so I had given announcement duty yeahy! at first I'm scared because I'm doing that duty with one senior. I'm not so close to her so yeahy I'm nervous. but guess what? she's funny and friendly but still I can't make more conversation with her xD the best part is when some of the form2s came in and ask or said 'something' in the prefects room. I'll remember all this words:

-sharing is caring.
-everyone have haters, chill. 
-they are just jealous of you.
-she's so quiet.

thanks for those understanding ;) I'll really appreciate it. I hope I'll can just stay at the moment. no one interrupting and stuffs. I wish there's another chance for me to chat/listening you all chatting again :) 

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Nothing is Understanding
At last I made my decision to not post anything at wechat and download blogger apps into my iPad. well, I know no one will gonna to read all this because no one remembers my link and some of them will thought that I abandon my blogger. oh baby, I won't abandon you until I'm a teenager who don't have any problems. which teenagers don't have their problems? what the hell. I'm sure even my cousin will have her own problems although she act like she doesn't have any. going to update about what happened today night tomorrow since it's very late and I'm having sports' day tomorrow. kayh bye. 

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"I dont appreciate anything I have until I lose it."
Blog is full of dust dy. anyway, this time I came back here because I really need to let out my feelings omg. First is her .. ermm, I miss her :' before this we had "Prefect's Camp" and yeahy I'm involved. This happens on the second of "Prefect's Camp". I group with her during the "Water Game". Actually I have not that much feelings towards her but then right after she pull me onto the chair, I feel like wan to cry and hug her and tell her how's my feeling. 

"Not that I dont want to accept you but both of us are prefects. I need to be responsible and follow the rules. If I'm not a prefect, I already for sure will accept you :')"

I miss chatting with you so much. Right after the Prefect's Camp you posted a moment that makes me thought that you're mentioning me -.- why the hell am I in the world so the "perasan"? ergh. I hate this feelings. When ever my iPad receive a message, I always hopes that's from you but everytime it disappoint me. This describe me rightly: 

"I dont appreciate anything I have until I lose it.

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